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Differences in Revisions: OpenVPN on Windows Vista / Windows 7

removed extra hash from Title, change <box> to Note
## OpenVPN on Windows Vista / Windows 7
# OpenVPN on Windows Vista / Windows 7
First thing to say is, that this installation was made using beta/RC-versions of openVPN and therefore is not supposed to be use in an production environment. At this time it is the only possibility to get things running.
Download the latest version of openVPN for Windows from www.openvpn.org (http://www.openvpn.org/release/openvpn-2.1_rc15-install.exe). Since version 2.1 openVPN itself is integrated in the package, so you don't have to download it too. To install the drivers for the virtual LAN-interface, you have to disable driver testing during startup. To do this, press F8 while booting until you get a list with options. Select to deactivate driver testing for this start. FIXME
Now you have to right-click the .exe-file and select properties. Select compatibility,*Windows 7 users select: "execute programme in compatibility-mode for: Windows Vista"!*, and set the checkbox "execute as administrator" under rights. FIXME
Start the installation now! To be absolutely sure, you can select "execute as administrator" with a right-click - better have it double-stitched ;) FIXME
During installation you get a warning that your drivers are not signed by Microsoft, which is not secure, and all these things... so just ignore the warnings and go on installing.
If everything went well, you can copy your config-file into folder PATH_TO_OPENVPN/config, start openVPN GUI with the link (if selected during installation) and establish a connection! So just right-click the openVPN-GUI-icon far right in the taskbar and choose connect! FIXME
| Note! |
<box 100% round blue|Remark!>This is only possible from a remote network, you cannot test it from within your own network (only if you have another network available)</box>
| This is only possible from a remote network. It cannot be tested it from **within** your own network (only if you have another network available) |