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Differences in Revisions: Install `.ovpn` on iDevice via the Files app

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#Install `.ovpn` file on iDevice - Alternate version
#Install `.ovpn` on iDevice via the Files app
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How to transfer the `.ovpn` file from a computer to an iDevice (e.g., iPhone or iPad)?
| Notes! |
| It is **not** recommend to use email to load the `.ovpn` files to the iDevice |
| OpenVPN must be enabled - **Current OpenVPN server status:** ***RUNNING*** |
| |
##Getting started
1. Using the **App Store** install [**OpenVPN Connect**](https://apps.apple.com/app/openvpn-connect/id590379981) on the iPhone / iPad
* Do this first before continuing
2. Unlock iPhone
##On the Computer side
* Open a window in the Finder [^1]
* In the left sidebar locate iCloud and click on **iCloud Drive**
* Create a new folder (e.g., let's call it `myIPFire`)
* Copy the two recently created ovpn files, `myPhone.ovpn` and `myPhone.ovpn12`, to this folder
The `.ovpn` and `ovpn12` files are now loaded into the iCloud Drive and should be available on the iDevice. The next step is to load the `.ovpn` and `ovpn12` into **OpenVPN Connect**.
##On the iPhone side
| | |
| **1)** On the iDevice, locate and launch **Files** [^2] | ![](../ios/ios_files.png) |
| **2)** Open the recently created directory named `myIPFire`. Then click on the "Install_first . . ." file. | ![](../ios/ios_myphone_files.png) |
| **3)** Click the **Share / Export** icon | ![](../ios/ios_install_first.png) |
| **4)** Click **Copy to OpenVPN** | ![](ios_copy_to_openvpn.png) |
| **5)** The OpenVPN Connect app will auto-launch. Click **ADD** | ![](../ios/openvpn_add_first.png) |
| **6)** Enter the password and click **OK**. This password is the **PKCS12 File Password** from OpenVPN webpage.| ![](../ios/openvpn_enter_password.png) |
| **7)** This page indicates the file was imported (there seems to be no other indicator) | ![](../ios/openvpn_import_profile_info.png) |
| **8)** Now for the second file. Locate and launch **Files**. Open the same directory created above - `myIPFire`. Then click on the second file. In this example it is called `myPhone` (actually it is `myPhone.ovpn` but the extension is hidden) | ![](../ios/ios_install_second.png) |
| **9)** Click **ADD** | ![](../ios/openvpn_import_profile.png) |
| **10)** Click the Certificate down arrow and pick the `Install_first_myPhone.ovpn12`. Then click **ADD** | ![](../ios/openvpn_2nd_imported_profile.png) |
| **11)** Click **Allow** | ![](../ios/openvpn_add_vpn.png) |
| **12)** Approve the **Add VPN Configuration** with Touch ID, Face ID or the iPhone Passcode | ![](../ios/ios_add_vpn_configurations.png) |
| **13)** When ready to connect, click on the slider switch | ![](../ios/ovpn_profiles_disconnected.png) |
| **14)** After properly connected you'll see this screen. When ready to disconnect, click on the slider switch | ![](../ios/ovpn_profiles_connected.png) |
| **Done** - You are good to go! | |
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[^1]: The instructions below are on macOS Mojave version 10.14.6
[^2]: The instructions below are on iPhone 8 with iOS 12.4.1 and OpenVPN Connect version 3.0.3