Install .ovpn on iDevice via the iTunes app

How to transfer the .ovpn file from a computer to an iDevice (e.g., iPhone or iPad).

Note: It is not recommend to use email to load the .ovpn file to the iDevice

Getting started

  1. Using the App Store install OpenVPN Connect on the iPhone / iPad
    • Do this first before continuing
  2. Attach iPhone / iPad to the computer via USB cable
  3. Unlock iPhone
  4. if asked - Trust the client computer

On the Computer side

  • Launch the iTunes app on the computer 1
  • Click on the device icon to right of the drop down


  1. Click File Sharing
  2. Click (highlight) OpenVPN
  3. Add... or drag & drop the .ovpn file
  4. Click Sync
  5. Click Done


The .ovpn file is now loaded onto the iDevice. The next step is to load .ovpn into OpenVPN Connect.

On the iPhone side

1. On the iDevice, click OpenVPN Connect 2
2. Click OVPN Profile
3. If the .ovpn file is not found you'll see this...
4. If the .ovpn file is found you'll see this... Click ADD
5. If you want OpenVPN to Save Private Key Password check the box and add password. This is the PKCS12 File Password from OpenVPN. Click ADD
6. Click Allow
7. Approve the VPN Configuration with Touch ID, Face ID or the iPhone Passcode
8. When ready to connect, click on the slider switch
9. After properly connected you'll see this screen. When ready to disconnect, click on the slider switch
Done - You are good to go!

  1. The instructions below are on macOS Mojave version 10.14.6 and iTunes Version 

  2. The instructions below are on iPhone 8 and iOS 12.4.1 and OpenVPN Connect version 3.0.3 

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