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Differences in Revisions: VPN IPsec using IPFire and Lancom

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# VPN IPsec using ipFire and Lancom
# VPN IPsec using IPFire and Lancom
==== Requirements ====\\
## Requirements
- Static IP on both sites\\
- Static IP on both sites
- if you don't have a static IP then you have to use dynamic dns\\
- if you don't have a static IP then you have to use dynamic dns
- newest ipFire version and actual Lancom firmware
#### Attention!
For this manual I used the German version of ipFire and Lancom! I translated the German box names to English.
#### Configuration ipFire
## Configuration ipFire
Activate IPsec and add the ipFire WAN IP. If you´re behind a NAT Router, then use **%defaultroute**
Add a new connection and use Net2Net VPN
Choose a name for this connection, add the remote WAN IP, define your local and your remote ID and add the remote subnet. Check advanced settings! and generate a strong PreSharedKey. Save your settings.
Use the proposal settings that you see in the picture and save!
#### Configuration Lancom
## Configuration Lancom
Activate the VPN module. If the ipFire or the Lancom is behind NAT then activate NAT-Traversal. Choose "collective" for KeepAlive.
Go to IKE/IPsec -> IPSec-Proposals and define a Phase2 Proposal:
Go to IPSec-Proposal-Lists and add your new Phase2 Proposal:
Go to IKE-Keys & Identities and add a new ID.
Go to IKE-Proposals and define a Phase1 Proposal:
Go to IKE-Proposal-Lists and add your new Phase1 Proposal:
Go to Connections-Parameters and add your settings:
Go to Cennections-Lists and add a new conneciton:
Go to IP-Router -> Routing -> IPv4 Routing-Table and add a route to your ipFire LAN (green):
Save your settings and enjoy your new VPN Site-to-Site connection