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This method does not work automatically and it seems to only work manually. I have added these notes here until one day when it is fixed. I now have one entry per host without using groups.

With NoIP you can optionally group hosts together and update them as one:

  • On the no-ip website, go to "hosts / Redirects" > "Manage Groups"
  • You can set a password.
  • and add any hosts/domains you want to the group.

For this example we will assume you are:

  • Group = "myGroup"
  • Hostname: "noipg-myGroup"; The prefix "noipg-" and the group name.
  • Username: The user name /email address for your account.
  • Password: Your password, See Note below on group passwords.

Note: Check the IPFire WebUI > Logs > System Log > Section: Dynamic DNS. And check it again 15 Min later to see if it still works.

NoIP supports a group password, so you don’t have to use your main password remotely.
User name becomes "", if you want to try it.

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