Firewall Documentation (playground)

Since IPFire 2.15, the firewall capabilities of the IPFire system have been massively improved. A lot of new features were introduced which required a more powerful WUI. Below is information to manage the firewall capabilities. Learn everything you need to know in the Introduction.

Quick Start Guides

For beginners and for quick results, there are quick start guides that explain how to execute day-to-day tasks:

The Firewall menu includes the following:

Firewall Rules detailed description of all options and inputs on the rule page
Firewall Groups configurable grouping for networks, hosts and services
Firewall Options modify firewall options like default behavior and logging characteristics
Intrusion Protection configuration and IPS rules settings
GeoIP Block block incoming connections by country
Blue Access access of all devices on blue using MAC Address filtering
IPtables display tables containing chains of rules for the treatment of packets


The comprehensive reference documentation explains how to operate the IPFire firewall. It explains all the bells and whistles and how the firewall works internally. You should definitely read these pages because despite the things everyone should know about the IPFire firewall, there are best practices and many other useful tricks.


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