Zone Configuration

This web interface allows you to edit the network interfaces (NICs) that are assigned to a zone. You can also change a zone's operating mode (Default, Bridge, MacVTap).

NIC Assignment

Zone Mode

The zone mode can be changed by selecting a mode from the dropdown list under the zone name. A zone can operate in three different modes:

Default: The zone accesses one NIC directly

Bridge: All assigned NICs belong to the same network and IPFire acts like a switch between those NICs

MacVTap: The zone is attached to a NIC via a MacVTap interface

Zone Access

Each zone can have one (if the zone is in Default or MacVTap mode) or more (in Bridge mode) NICs assigned. This nic is either accessed natively or via a VLAN. If the RED zone is in any kind of PPP mode, you can only choose one NIC. All further PPP settings including VLANs (VDSL) can be changed in System -> Dialup.

Please note that:

  • Due to backwards compatibility reasons, you can't assign more than one VLAN to a zone
  • One NIC can't be accessed natively by more than one zone
  • You can't use the same VLAN tag more than once per NIC
  • A NIC that is assigned to RED can't be accessed by any other zone if RED is in PPP mode
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