URL filter configuration

The URL-Filter has been created to filter webtraffic. For everyone who has children and wants to block access to unsuitable websites then this is the right place to be. You can block domains, URLĀ“s or certain phrases with little effort.

FIXME: This page needs to be rewritten. It is unclear and does not explain the need to enable the URLfilter feature in the webproxy configuration. It's also apparently a duplicate of this page?

A configuration example:

You can select categories to block from a predefined list.

Here the following domains and phrases are blocked:

  • rotten.com
  • teens, arms

Here the following domains and phrases are allowed:

  • explabs.net
  • google.com

Two clients are allowed to access the internet without any filtering:


Of course, URL-Filter also offers the option to import pre-defined lists. Such a list for URL-Filter can be found at Shallalist.

It is also possible to save the Personal Settings. This backup can also include - if selected - the complete blacklist.

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