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Here, all settings for the network are located. This section offers options to configure the Advanced Proxy and other tools with an easy to use graphical user interface.

Web Proxy Server The Advanced Proxy Server can be configured here. There are several plugins for the proxy, such as the URL Filter and Update Booster
DHCP Server can't be missed in a user friendly network.
Captive Portal Our captive portal is a web page which appears to new connected users before they are able to connect to your network.
The Connection Scheduler is able to disconnect and reconnect the red connection at given times or change the connection profile itself.
Edit Hosts Assign names to the Clients so you can access them with the hostname as well as their IP address.
Static routes Configure access to network routed subnets. Connect to orange or blue interface.
Aliases You can add your public IP addresses of your IPFire here.
DNS Server Set the DNS server for your red interface, useful if your red0 interface doesn't use DHCP.
DNS forwarding Forward requests for certain domains to a specified nameserver.
Assign MAC Address Change the MAC address on red0. Useful for cable modems and other equipment that binds to a specific MAC address.
Wake On LAN Power up computers which are configured for Wake on LAN.
Bridge-Green-Blue Combine green and blue to form one logical network
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