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Squid Web-Proxy


| What is a Web-Proxy? | Find some general information about Squid. |
| Configuration using the web interface | Various Squid WUI options will be explained. |
| Proxy-Extensions | Find some extensions in here. You should be familiar with the console. |
| Extended know-how | Optimizations and additional information for a better understanding of the Squid logging. |
| Example configuration | There can be a big variety of the preferences in squid. Here users are invited to endorse their cache settings. |
| URL-filter configuration | Forbid users to open some websites, or block some sites. |

For a better overview, the wiki sections are divided in different categories. The section "What is a Web-Proxy?" gives a fast overview about the possibilities of Squid.
The section "Configuration over the webinterface" introduces you to the webinterface options on IPFire and also provides some hints to possible configuration methods.
The “Proxy-extensions" section is especially for working at the command-line, whereas the webinterface will mostly be left out.
Tips and tricks for optimization, how the Squid logs can be read and all that things which haven't found their place in other sections will be found in the "Extended know-how" section.
The "Example configuration" section was created to invite you - the users - to fill in your cache configuration, to give "not so well-experienced" users some examples to let them find a good/correct adjustment for their own hardware and scopes.

Here are some external info resources for the proxy configuration.

  • http://www.squid-cache.org/
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_proxy
  • http://www.advproxy.net/documentation/ipcop-advproxy-en.pdf
  • http://www.advproxy.net/
  • http://linux.die.net/man/8/squid
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