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Number of filter processes

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One of the major changes in Core Update 127 is we removed a control that allowed to configure the number of child processes for each redirector (e.g., URL filter, Update Accelerator, etc.). This is now statically configured to the number of processors.

Due to that, we only use as many processes as the system has memory for but allow to use maximum CPU power by being able to saturate all cores at the same time. That makes the URL filter and other redirectors faster and more efficient in their resource consumption. They will now also be launched at the start of the web proxy so that there is no wait for the first request handled or when the proxy is under higher load.

We expect these improvements to make proxies that serve hundreds or even thousands of users at the same time to become faster by being more efficient.

The enabling of the URL filter and Updating accelerator is still available.


The Number of Filter Processes was discontinued as of Core Update 127

Number of filter processes

The "processes" value defines, how many instances of the filtering process can be performed simultaneously. To each filter, a number is displayed for the recommended number of processes. This recommendation will be calculated depending on the number of the known, actual active clients. The sum of all should correspond roughly to the number of filtering processes. Referring to the example the amount of 23 processes is suggested. This is only a recommendation, especially for devices with low memory, the number of filter processes should not be too large. Theoretically, one filtering process would be sufficient since all requests will be sequentially processed. However, this can lead to significant delays.

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