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"Unrestricted IP/MAC" nor Banned IP/MAC addresses. Members of the group "Extended" are also not affected by this restrictions , if the proxy is used with “Local authentication”.

With the "Transfer limits" = (body_max_size) is it possible to define a limit for up- or downloads (for each connection). Every down- or upload which goes beyond the specified value in KB will be prevented by Squid. This function is regulated over the "Post-" and "Get-request". This can be useful to prevent the down- or upload of large files if there is only a small bandwidth available. Consequently, the bandwidth can be saved for browser traffic.

Max download size (KB): = (request_body_max_size [Value] KB) this value defines the maximum download rate per connection.

Max upload size (KB): = (reply_body_max_size [Value] KB all) this value defines the maximum upload rate per connection.

The value 0 deactivates this option and gives the whole bandwidth free for the clients.

Error messages

If files are larger than the defined values, Squid confirms this with the following error message.

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