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To activate the "Classroom-extension", there needs to be a hook in the checkbox "Classroom extension enabled:", then the "Save and Load" button should be pressed to activate the classroom-extension configuration window.

Example with 2 groups and one supervisor PC with password:

Here is the possibility to add groups (for example classes) to the proxy, these groups can be managed over the "Web Access Manager" from every browser. This allows users without administrative rights (without regular access to the WUI), the so-called supervisor, to give access to the Internet through the proxy, or to deny the access.

Supervisor password: = By setting a password in here, there is the need to authenticate to the configuration window before it’s possible to block (deny) or permit (allow) groups. This credential is optional, but it serves a better security.

Classroom group definitions: = (cre) There should be at least two groups specified [group name] (the brackets marks the group names). The usage of IP addresses as well as MAC addresses is possible, entire subnets can also be specified.

Supervisor IP addresses (one per line): = (cre) In here the IP address of the supervisor can be entered. This specification is optional, but it serves a better security.

If the groups are defined (at least two), the supervisor can reach the "Advanced Proxy - Web Access Manager" over the following IP address"


and deny or allow the groups for internet access over the proxy.

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