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Differences in Revisions: Assign DNS Servers

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# Assign DNS Servers
On the top of the page the current status of the systems DNS is displayed.
This can be working or broken which means, the system is not able to do any name resolution and DNS is not working on the system and if you are using IPFire to serve the DNS for your network also.
Likewise a section of all currently configured and used DNS servers will be shown.
As usual a single entry can be enabled/disabled, modified or removed by using the corresponding tool in the action section next to it.
When using ISP-assigned DNS servers, they can not be modified here, please use the checkbox in the [](dns) section.
## Add a new server
A new server easily can be added by using the "Add" button.
A list of free non-compromised DNS server can be found [here](/dns/public-servers).
### IP address
Specify the IP address of your desired DNS server here. It has to be a valid IPv4 address.
### TLS hostname
This field requires the hostname details of the certificate, which the DNS server uses and is only required if you configured to use TLS for DNS queries. It must be given as a [fully qualified domain name](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fully_qualified_domain_name).
However it might be helpfull to specify the TLS hostname details, if you plan to switch to TLS at a later time.
### Remark
The Remark field is optional.
## Check DNS servers
## Check DNS servers
When using this button, a short check for each enabled DNS server will be performed which will display if your current settings are correct or to help debugging problems when hoving the mouse pointer over the status information.