Here, all settings for the network are located. This section offers options to configure the Advanced Proxy and other tools with an easy to use graphical user interface.

  • Zone Configuration - Assign network interfaces to zones (Native or VLAN). You can also change a zone's operation mode (Default, Bridge or MacVTap)
  • Domain Name System - Add or change used DNS servers and set DNS settings for your system and network
  • Web Proxy - The Advanced Proxy Server can be configured here. There are several plugins for the proxy, such as the URL Filter and Update Accelerator
  • URL Filter - Allows web traffic to be blocked based on category
  • Update Accelerator - Caches software updates and delivers them to your clients with full LAN speed
  • DHCP Server - Automatically assign IP addresses for new internal Clients (required for most installations)
  • Captive Portal - Our captive portal is a web page which appears to new connected users before they are able to connect to your network
  • Connection Scheduler - is able to disconnect and reconnect the red connection at given times or change the connection profile itself
  • Edit Hosts - Assign names to Clients so you can access them by name, instead of only using an IP address (internal DNS)
  • DNS Forwarding - Forward requests for certain domains to a specified domain name server.
  • Static Routes - Configure access to network routed subnets. Connect to orange or blue interface
  • Aliases - You can add your public IP addresses of your IPFire here
  • Assign MAC Address - Change the MAC address on red0. Useful for cable modems and other equipment that binds to a specific MAC address
  • Wake On LANPower up computers which are configured for Wake on LAN
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