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Differences in Revisions: Login to the Web User Interface

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October 9 at 2:38 am
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October 9 at 2:45 am
# Login to the Web User Interface
The web interface is the graphical frontend for configuring IPFire. It can be accessed via a web browser from any computer on the <color green>green</color> network. After a successful login, it allows accessing all settings and features of IPFire.
By default the web interface is at https://ipfire.localdomain:444. If you used a different hostname or domain you will have to use that or can easily access it via the IP address (e.g.
Your web browser will display a "Self-Signed Security Certificate" warning when attempting to open the web interface. You must accept this certificate in order to be able to connect!
A window will appear asking for username and password. The username for admistration is **admin** and the password is what was entered during the installation process for the admin account.