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# DNAT / Port Forwarding
This test will focuss on creating a port forwarding (DNAT) rule and checking if they work properly.
## Setup
Create a new port forwarding rule according to this documentation: [](../rules/port-forwarding)
* No protocol and port
* A protocol with no port
* A single port
* A port range
* A single service
* A service group
Please also limit the source to a single IP address, try a range and a complete subnet.
## How to test?
After you have created a new DNAT rule, it should be displayed on the rule overview page.
Now test from some client if your port forwarding is working and if only the forwarded protocols and services are allowed an nothing else.
## Expected Results
You should be able to connect to the service on the host which was configured as destination.
If you can not get any connection, please test the default policy for FORWARD and OUTPUT. To be sure, set them to "ALLOW".
## Known Errors