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# Backup / Restore
This test focusses on testing the Backup/Restore functionality. To perform this test a created backup of a system without the extended firewall (IPFire 2.13 and earlier) is required.
## How to test?
### Test 1:
Try to restore an old backup. While restoring, the system will run converter scripts which will convert the old firewall rules for
* Outgoing firewall
* DMZ Pinholes
* Portforwardings
* External Access
into the format used by the new firewall. The scripts will create log files at "/var/log/converters".
Please check if all rules are converted successful or if there are any logged errors.
### Test 2:
The next chapter will be to test if a created backup on IPFire 2.15 can be restored on another IPFire 2.15 system and all the created firewall rules, network and service groups are also restored.
## Expected Results
**Test 1:**
The converters should create all groups, hosts and rules as well as any portforward, dmzholes and external access rules. The rules should be usable right after restoring them.
**Test 2:**
All created firewall rules, service and network groups should be available on the system where the backup has been restored.
## Known Errors