Block LAN IP from WAN

Need to keep one device from accessing Internet? If yes, then this firewall rule will block the Internet and constrain the device to LAN only.

The IP address below is an example only.


  • Select Source address (MAC/IP address or network) and enter the IP address of the LAN device to be blocked from the Internet.
    • In this example we use the device IP address of


  • Uncheck Use Network Address Translation (NAT)


  • Select Standard networks: and choose RED from the drop down.


  • Choose All from the drop down.

Additional Settings

  • Enter a Remark as needed. This can be left blank but it is not recommended.
  • Click Log as needed also. Keep in mind if this rule is actively used it will cause the log to be huge.

Final Notes

  • Click the Add button when done.
  • On the Firewall Rules page, press Apply Changes to make the new rule active.

Example block of local device to Internet

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