Service Groups

This area offers the possibility to put configured predefined or user defined service templates into one or more groups together.

Create a new service group:

Group name

The name of the group can be chosen freely, but requires to be unique on the system. Allowed characters are upper- and lowercase letters, digits, space and dashes.


As an optional feature you can add a remark.

Working with service groups

All created groups and their entries are listed beneath in the section service groups". Until you have created at least one group, this section will not be displayed.

You can add entries or edit the group name or remark by clicking the yellow pencil on the left side of your desired group. With the trash icon an existing, unused service group and all its entries can be deleted.

Add entries to service groups

Any shipped or custom created service template can be selected and added to a service group. It is also possible to add the same entries to multiple groups.

Remove entries from service groups

All entries and their associated information of a service are displayed as part of the group and easily can be removed from it by clicking the trash icon of the desired element.


Due to a technical limitation of the Linux netfilter framework (iptables) it is not possible to add more than fifteen services for each protocol. That means that you can have up to fifteen rules for TCP and up to fifteen for UDP in one group, but not sixteen TCP rules and 14 UDP rules. Please create a second group if you need more than fifteen services of the same protocol or use port ranges.

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