The service area offers the ability to create and modify templates for known applications and services, based on their communication protocols and used ports. IPFire provides a predefined list which already contains some of the most used and known services.

Add a new service:

Service name

The service name, can be chosen freely, but requires to be unique. Allowed characters are upper- and lowercase letters, digits, space and dashes.


Every service uses one or more different protocols which need to be specified here. A detailed documentation about protocols in generic and the supported one can be found here.

The following protocols can be selected in order to add a new service:


Applications and services are listening on one or more ports for incoming traffic. These ports have been collected and standardised by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for every known service. In order to create a new entry you will have to know which port(s) your service use for communication.

Valid options are a single port or port ranges:


Dealing with services

IPFire offers a shipped list of predefined service templates of well known and often used services. These services and any custom created can be found in an alphabetical sorted list.

The yellow pencil next of a service name can be used to edit the respective entry. By clicking the trash icon a service which is not used on a firewall rule or part of a service group can be deleted.

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