Network/Host Groups

This area offers the possibility to put a configured network zone of IPFire, VPN networks and all user defined networks and/or hosts into one or more groups together. Especially in large or complex environments, the usage of groups provide an easy and fast way to create firewall rules.

Create a new network/host group:

Group name

The name of the network can be chosen freely, but requires to be unique on the system. Allowed characters are upper- and lowercase letters, digits, space and dashes.


As an optional feature you can add a remark.

Working with network/host groups

All created groups and their entries are listed in the section Network/Host Groups.

This section is hidden until you have created at least one group
When using firewall groups:
• The Source can be IP Addresses or MAC addresses
• The Target can only be IP Addresses. MAC addresses can not be used as a Target.

You easily can add new entries to a created group, change the group name or edit the remark by clicking the yellow pencil on the left side of your desired group. The trash icon provides the function to delete an existing, unused group and all its entries.

All members of a group and their associated information are displayed as part of the group and easily can be removed by using the trash icon of the desired element.

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