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IPFire Community

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# Community
## Services
The IPFire Project is hosting multiple platforms and services to connect people. Everyone involved in the project should know about these and know how to use them.
### For everyone
All services in this category are open for everyone to join.
#### Mailing lists
The mailing lists are essential for all internal communication in this project. Discussions about all sorts of things are held here and everybody is welcome to take part in.
Every list has got a distinct topic. Please check that you are posting on the right list before sending your message. Please do not ask support questions on any of these lists - use the [](#Forum) instead.
* [Mailing List Server](http://lists.ipfire.org)
#### Forum
If you have any question about how to configure a feature or if you are experiencing some trouble with your IPFire installation, head to the forums!
* [Forum](http://forum.ipfire.org)
### For members
The central communication server of the IPFire project offers communication for all developers and others to easily get in touch with each other and communicate securely and confidentially. It supports telephony via SIP and chatting via Jabber.
* [](.people.ipfire.org)