The IPFire Community Portal is the place to ask questions about IPFire, share your experience and get in touch with other people using IPFire.


How do I change my user name/email address/avatar/etc.?

The IPFire Community Portal is connected to IPFire People which is our primary account system. Everything has to be changed there.

After you have changed your profile, you will need to log out of the IPFire Community Portal and log back in again.

Can I report bugs here?

No. Please report bugs to our bug tracker. The community portal has no ability to assign bugs to a developer and track the investigation and any fixes.

Can I request features here?

Developers are using mailing lists for communication because they have many necessary features over the community portal.

So you can get a conversation started about a feature, but if you want developers involved in it (and you should), please read how to get in touch with them.

Can I post in my native language?

No. After long consideration we have come to the conclusion that it is much fairer to converse in English only. This is the language that internal software projects have adopted because it is being spoken by many people and won't exclude anyone. Help your fellow IPFire people to become a part of the community, too.

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