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# IPFire People
**people.ipfire.org** is the name of the central communication server that is operated by the IPFire project. It is used to make calls and conferences and it supports instant messaging.
*A developer account is required to use these services.*
## User Interface
Log on to https://people.ipfire.org
## Telephony
It is possible to call people directly via their extension. For example `sip:XXX@ipfire.org` or from the POTS under +49 2363 6035 XXX where XXX is the extension of each developer.
### Important extensions
| **900** | Conference Service |
| **901-909** | Shortcuts to conference rooms 1-9 |
| **980** | [Parking Extension](./features) |
| **990** | Voicemail |
| **991** | Echo Test Service |
| **992** | Music |
| **993** | Time |
| **999** | Emergency Services |
| **000600...** | Prefix to dial for Verizon WebEx |
| **000601...** | Prefix to dial for AT&T WebEx |
There are also more [](./features) available.
### SIP
The primary protocol we use for telephony is SIP ([](wp>Session Initiation Protocol)).
Please use the following credentials to register:
| **Registrar:** | ipfire.org |
| **Caller name:** | <your real name> |
| **Caller name:** | *your real name* |
| **Username:** | <your UID - 900> |
| **Username:** | *your UID - 900* |
| **Password:** | <your password> |
| **Password:** | *your password* |
| **Protocol:** | TLS or TCP |
Your client should automatically find the server to which to connect to by using DNS SRV and NAPTR records. Make sure that this feature is enabled. When you have trouble with your client, you may optionally use sip.ipfire.org as a SIP proxy.
You may register multiple clients at a time, which will all ring when you are called.
##### Secure communication
For secure communication with the server, you can use SIP over TLS (TCP/5061) to encrypt the SIP messages and SRTP for encrypting the RTP streams. Only very few clients support these features at this time.
## Instant Messaging
### Jabber
Instant messaging can be done via Jabber ([](wp>XMPP)). Use the following login credentials:
| **Username:** | <first name>.<last name>@ipfire.org |
| **Username:** | *first name*.*last name*@ipfire.org |
| **Password:** | <your account password> |
| **Password:** | *your account password* |
The server requires your client to use SSL/TLS and is of course connected to the global Jabber network.
Since Feb 23rd, 2014, the Jabber server requires SSL/TLS connections for server-to-server connections as well.
Conferences are available at conference.ipfire.org.
## Client Setup
You will find some example configurations for different clients over here: [](./clients)