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VDR meets XBMC

VNSI = VDR-Network-Streaming-Interface

This is the VDR-VNSI-Server-plugin.
There are two different versions of the VDR-VNSI-Server-plugin.
Version 3 is for XBMC12 und version 5 is for XBMC13.
You can only use one of them!

The VNSI-Server-plugin is the interface to access a VDR from a XBMC Media Center.

XBMC Media Center (Formerly "XBox Media Center") is a free media center software available under the terms of the GPL . There are instable versions for Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS. Using these it is possible to view videos and pictures or enjoy music from DVD, hard drive or servers. Furthermore, the playback of audio and video data streams over the Internet. Since version 12 (Frodo) XBMC also offers the possibility to use it as a PVR (personal video recorder).

The VDR-VNSI-Server-plugins could be installed from our pakfire.

VDR VNSI Client konfiguration

Most versions of XBMC v12 or v13 will have PVR add-ons pre-bundled with XBMC. Your first step in setting up a given PVR add-on is to enable it by going to Settings -> Add-ons -> Disabled add-ons -> PVR Clients and selecting your add-on and then pressing "enable".

Subsequently go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled add-ons -> PVR Clients -> VDR VNSI Client for configuration.

VDR Hostname or IP: The hostname or IP address of the server where VDR is installed. If on the same machine then 'localhost' or can be used.

VNSI Port: The default for VDR with VNSI is 34890 and usually there is no need to change it.

Character Set Conversion: If XBMC and VDR use different character sets, then enable this option to convert the texts after receiving them from VDR.

Connect timeout(s): How many seconds should XBMC wait for a connection to VDR. Time is given in seconds.

Allow VDR Messages: Do you allow the VDR to display messages inside XBMC?

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