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Tftpd - IPFire as a Server

Until now the Wiki of IPFire explained how to install IPFire over Tftpd. This Wiki shows how IPFire can also work as a Tftpd in the network.


First of all the basic conditions needs to be created. - Install the IPFire Addon Tftpd over Pakfire. - From the Syslinux project, the files “pxelinux.0 , memdisk” will be needed.

In the next step the following adjustments needs to be done: Create the folder /var/tftpboot and copy the file pxelinux.0 and for a possible use in the future, copy also memdisk into the folder. Inside /var/tftpboot you should insert the folder /pxelinux.cfg with a at this time empty file default .

In the file “default” the configuration for the pxelinux.0 will be deposited.

For example, the following might be a possible content:

Comparison: Pxelinux

File: /var/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default
default suse92
prompt 1
timeout 10
label suse92
  kernel /SuSE-9.2/i386/linux
  append initrd=/SuSE-9.2/i386/initrd vga=0x314	\
label local

At the conclusion the file pxelinux.0 must be registered in IPFire under DHCP-server in the field file

Now you can start the tftpd service.

If WINPE should be started, you need to adapt the file /etc/rc.d/init.d/tftpd in the line “start” as it follows:

loadproc /usr/sbin/tftpd -l -s /var/tftpboot -m /var/tftpboot/tftpd.remap -vvv

In addition, the file tftpd.remap must be created in /var/tftpboot with the following contents:

File: /var/tftpboot/tftpd.remap
# Remap Rules
re ^bootmgr\.exe Boot/bootmgr.exe
r ^\\Boot\\ Boot/
r ^\\boot\\ Boot/
rg \\ /

Over a Symlink you can refer the tftpboot folder to another hard disk. This saves space on the IPFire system. Example:

ln -s /mnt/xxxx/tftpboot /var/tftpboot
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