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telnet (client)

A terminal emulation that enables a user to connect to a remote host or device using a telnet client, usually over port 23. For example, typing telnet hostname would connect a user to a host named hostname. Telnet enables a user to manage an account or device remotely. For example, a user may telnet into a computer that hosts their website to manage files remotely. 1)

Telnet is considered insecure because it transfers all data in clear text. Which means if a user was sniffing a network, it's very possible they could grab your username and password as they were being transmitted. Users who are concerned about the data being transmitted should consider SSH as opposed to telnet. 2)


telnet can be installed with the Pakfire web interface or via the console:

 pakfire install telnet

Links: - Linux telnet command - telnet(1) - Linux man page

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