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SARG - Squid Analysis Report Generator

SARG is a tool that analyses the proxy log files and creates beautiful reports out of it. It is handy to see how much bandwidth is used by individual machines on the network and one can check on which websites the network's users are surfing.

It should be noted that the logging/analysis of user data leeds also to a responsibilty and should also be in accordance with the corresponding laws of the particular country.

Sarg example in daily view:

Sarg example for a user view:


The package that has to be installed is called “sarg” and can be installed either over the web UI or the command line.

pakfire install sarg


The reports get automatically generated, but it is required that the squid proxy server actually writes log files. That must be enabled on the proxy server configuration page by checking the box “Log enabled” in the “Log settings” section.

To view the logs, head over to “Logs → Proxy reports” and you will see a number of reports to see. If one of them is grey, the report has not been generated yet.

Click on the links to open a new window with the report.

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