Sane Addon

What is sane

With the sane-Addon for IPFire is it possible to use a connected scanner parallel or via USB in a (home)-network. Hereby network users was given the opportunity to responding over a PHP site, or a graphical interface with the scanner in a network.

Installation & Configuration

To operate a scanner at the IPFire you need first to install the Addon sane over Pakfire.

After successful installation, USB scanners should usually automatically be detected. For some scanners, however, the firmware from the Windows driver must be copied on to the IPFire. More information are available in the documentation of the respectively backend drivers in the Sane mode for communication).


If the scanners are connected parallel, the comment sign before the backend in the file:


must be removed. Some scanners need to be adjusted in the configuration file of the backend. May check whether the own scanner are detected, you can enter on the Console the following command:

scanimage -L

Which scanners are supported can be seen under this Link


If the scanner is displayed, you can even start with the scan.

The user has the choice to use a local client, running on the workstation and connected to IPFire or use the included web interface.


The phpSANE Addon was discontinued as of Core Update 118

Let´s start with the websurface: By installation of the Addon the package "phpSANE" need to be installed with to scan documents via the webbrowser and to save it.

You can reach the webinterface via the URL: Important in here is the port 1003, which triggers phpSane.

The webinterface is plain and suitable. All important functions are of course instantly understandable and do not really need an explanation.

For those who do not want to scan always a whole DIN-A4-page, you can take also one or more image area(s). To do this click with the left mouse button once on the selection of the thumbnail initial marking). To mark the end of the cut-mark, click it a second time to mark out the preview end mark). The values ​​for the part which are to be scan, are displayed on the left side if selected. A click on Scan, scans the selected section. If a whole DIN-A4-page must be scanned, you need to press the button DIN-A4, as well, the values are then be changed.

The resolution of the scans can changed manually by the "DPI resolution", possible are from 5 - 600 DPI.

If the scan is complete, a popup window will be opened and the link to the scanned image will be indicated. Save the image with a right click on the link and the choice save as will store the image on the local machine.

Some popup blockers may prevent the opening of the popup window !

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From time to time, the clean up button should be used. Sane saves all images in the folder /tmp, so to prevent that this folder is fully and the IPFire may stop working properly, should be cleaned up occasionally.


Whom the PHP interface of sane don´t consent, can also use a Windows application for it. The magic word is here SaneTwain.

SaneTwain is currently available in version 1.30. The stable version can be found in here Download.

After the installation SaneTwain must be setup once. In the dialog box, only the IP of the scanner-server need to be entered.


Also for Linux a graphical interface for scanning on IPFire are available. The example here refers to Ubuntu 7.10, but with other distributions it behaves equivalent.

To scan with Ubuntu and IPFire, only small changes in the system are necessary. Everything needed is included with the xsane-package and are pre-installed.
The change in the system consists of two files in the /etc/sane.d.

On the used Ubuntu 7.10 in this example, the change of the file dll.conf is not necessary, because the access to network scanners are already enabled.
For completeness, I still want to mention it.

The file "dll.conf" will be adapt with a

sudo nano /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

The record

# enable the next line if you want to allow access through the network:

should not be out-commentated.

Lastly, the file "net.conf" in the same directory should be edited.

The command:

sudo nano /etc/sane.d/net.conf

opens the file with "Nano".

In this file, just the IP of the scanner-server IPFire) should be entered. After saving the file XSane is available and should respond the scanner on the IPFire. Now also you can work under Linux with a graphical user interface.

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