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Netcat / Ncat / Gnu-Netcat

netcat is the swiss army knife of a Network administrator. You can debug network connections, create connections which use TCP or UDP, read/write data to these connections and a lot more.

IPFire ships two versions of Netcat:

  1. Ncat which is the standard netcat of IPFire since Core 101. This netcat provides:
    You can install it with:
    pakfire install ncat

  2. Gnu-netcat which is another version of Netcat. It does not provide:
    You can install it with:
    pakfire install gnu-netcat

Change standard Netcat:

The standard netcat provides
By default ncat is the standard netcat in IPFire.
If you want to change this (because you have a script which needs gnu-netcat) you can do this with:

Set Ncat as standard netcat:
ln -f -s /usr/bin/ncat /usr/bin/nc

Set gnu-netcat as standard netcat

ln -f -s /usr/bin/ncat /usr/bin/nc

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