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Miau Addon

Miau is a classical bouncer / proxy for IRC.

Stop! The miau addon package was discontinued as of Core Update 133

How it works

Instead of a direct connection with your prefered IRC Client, miau is used as a proxy between the IRC server and your client.


When you close your IRC client or you disconnect from the IRC bouncer, miau is still connected to the remote servers and all channels. After the reconnect to the bouncer you will be in the same environment you left before. Therewhile, miau logs all messages of every channel and all private messages (querrys) to you. So you won't miss anything. Miau also hides your IP address from the IRC network, because it relays your IP connection and the IP address of the server miau is running on will be shown. (Note: This doesn't work if miau is running on your local IPFire.)


You may install miau on the console with a short:

pakfire install -y miau

or use the webinterface.

Edit the config

After that you'll have to edit the config file


with any editor of your coice.

The file has a very good documentation and giving hints to all possible settings would be too much at this place. So I will only describe the most important things:

# Example:
#password = "foobar"
password = ""

The password is very important. You will have to set it unless miau wouldn't start. At the same time it is the password you will need when connecting to your bouncer.

# Example:
#servers = {
#	""
#	"":"6662"
#	"localhost"::"foobar"
#	"":"6670"::"5"
servers = {

Here, you can specify the IRC server miau should connect to.

#channels = {
#	"#lugop"
channels = {

Here are the channels miau will join after the connect.

You can find a description of all settings in detail at this location.

Use Miau

After configuration and a manual start of miau you should be able to connect to the service.

E.g.: You have to type the following command into your IRC Client:

/server <ipdofyourfire>:<port> <password>

Alternatively, you can create a new server in the list of your IRC client to connect to miau automatically.

This will depend on your IRC client.

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