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Lynis Addon

What is Lynis

Lynis is an auditing-tool for Unix (specialists). It scans the system as well as installed software and detects vulnerabilities. Additionally, the scan system provides general information and may point to possible configuration errors.


  • You have to logon as root user (login/su) or equivalent rights ( by the use of sudo for example)
  • You need write access to /var/log (for the use of a log/debug report)
  • You need write access to /tmp (temporary files)

To start Lynis, change to the Console, change the directory to /var/ipfire/lynis and execute the following command:


Used without parameters Lynis displays you a list of valid parameters. With the option -c Lynis will start a complete scan.

./lynis -c


Not every alarm of Lynis is extremely critical and needs immedediate action; it may also shows notes and hints, which you may use to increase the system security.

Find more information here

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