LCD4Linux is a small program that grabs information from the kernel and some subsystems and displays it on an external liquid crystal display. It is particularly useful for IPFire installations, as it can be used to easily convey critical information (load, network traffic, etc.) on headless servers.


To install nano just use the webinterface or the shell with:

pakfire install -y lcd4linux

Configuring LCD4Linux

First, you'll want to edit the config file using an editor, such as nano:

nano /etc/lcd4linux.conf

For more information about LCD4Linux configuration, see THIS document on the LCD4Linux wiki.

See two sample config files (modify to suit your own display) HERE.

IPFire-Specific Widgets

Try this sample IPFire-specific widget that returns the current core value. It may seem like it isn't working, but after an initial minute it will return the core value:

Widget Core {
    class 'Text'
    expression exec('cat /opt/pakfire/db/core/mine', 1000)
    width 9
    align 'R'
    prefix 'Core: '
    update minute

Starting/Stopping LCD4Linux

After configuration, you can control the lcd4linux service in the web interface under the "status" tab and then in "services" on the side menu.

You can find more information on LCD4Linux HERE

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