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New add-on as of Core Update 000 (for future add-on).

With IPTraffic you can determine the traffic of a computer based on its IP address. Only the traffic between IPFire and the client will be monitored. The display is shown as a tabular overview and additionally a statistical graphic can be called up for each client over the period of the last hour, day, week, month and year.

IPTraffic will collect traffic to the GREEN, BLUE and ORANGE networks (no RED).

Example IPTraffic
Example IPTraffic


IPTraffic can be installed with the Pakfire web interface or via the console:

pakfire install iptraffic


To view the web interface for this add-on go to menu Status > IPTraffic.

At first the web page will be an almost empty. In the Add Client area, click on Show table to see clients which are registered at the firewall in the arp-list.

Empty IPTraffic
Empty IPTraffic

Find the needed IP Address or Hostname and click on the pencil in the “Action” column. The client will be added to the upper table. After a few minutes you should see see numbers at the client.


Re-open the arp-table again by clicking on Show table. The pencil at the added client has turned grey meaning the client was already added.

Example:  can not re-add MPB6.localdomain
Example: can not re-add MPB6.localdomain

To view the graph, click on the graph icon on the far right:

Click graph icon
Click graph icon

Note - It may take 5 minutes or so before data appears on the graph. The graphs are updated at different intervals (see Last update in bottom right corner of each graph).

Client graph example
Client graph example

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