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Iftop display bandwidth usage on an interface.


You can install iftop with Pakfire or by using the shell with:

pakfire install -y iftop


To start the service just type into your shell:


or to monitor for specific interface:

iftop -I green0

type h to display complete help:

Host display:                          General:
 n - toggle DNS host resolution         P - pause display
 s - toggle show source host            h - toggle this help display
 d - toggle show destination host       b - toggle bar graph display
 t - cycle line display mode            B - cycle bar graph average
                                        T - toggle cumulative line totals
Port display:                           j/k - scroll display
 N - toggle service resolution          f - edit filter code
 S - toggle show source port            l - set screen filter
 D - toggle show destination port       L - lin/log scales
 p - toggle port display                ! - shell command
                                        q - quit
 1/2/3 - sort by 1st/2nd/3rd column
 < - sort by source name
 > - sort by dest name
 o - freeze current order

iftop, version 1.0pre4

The current pakfire iftop release is version 1.0pre4and was released by the iftop development team on 19 Jan 2014.

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