APC UPS Daemon (apcupsd) is a tool which monitors power supply equipment manufactured by APC.

You may wish to investigate the Network UPS tools (NUT) Addon instead of this one. NUT has more features and is capable of supporting UPSes from multiple manufacturers and for multiple client computers connected to one UPS. It is also more maintained than acpupsd.


To install apcupsd open the IPFire Console and type:

pakfire install -y apcupsd

… or install it via the webinterface by the use of Pakfire!

Find more information about apcupsd here.

Edit the configuration file

The configuration file will be found under:


Its already created by the installer and is documented in detail.

Its important to configure the correct UPS and connection type here.

If NETServer is enabled (NETServer on) you may also check the status from other Windows or Linux machines.

Starting and stopping the apcups daemon

Start and stop links are installed automatically to start and stop the daemon when rebooting but these may fail to work successfully until you have adjusted the configuration file to match your setup.

After adjusting the configuration file you can start and stop the apcups daemon via the Services menu page of the WUI.

Or from the command line start the apcups daemon with:

/etc/init.d/apcupsd start

and stop the daemon with:

/etc/init.d/apcupsd stop

Note: The current pakfire apcupsd release is version 3.14.14 was released by the apcupsd development team on 07 June 2016. This is the latest release available.

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