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Router announcements for IPv6 SLAAC

cd /tmp && \
wget http://wiki.ipfire.org/_media/en/add-ipv6/extend/radvd-1.10.0-2.ipfire.gz && \
cd /opt/pakfire/tmp && \
tar xzf /tmp/radvd-1.10.0-2.ipfire.gz && \
  • Set variables (e.g. "2001:DB8::/64")
export ISP_PREFIX=""
  • Create configuration
cat <<EOF > /etc/radvd.conf
interface green0 {
`  AdvSendAdvert on;`
`  MinRtrAdvInterval 3;`
`  MaxRtrAdvInterval 10;`
`  prefix ${ISP_PREFIX} {`
`      AdvOnLink on;`
`      AdvAutonomous on;`
`      AdvRouterAddr on;`
`  };`
  • If you want to configure DNS-Servers via RouterAdvertisements, you will have to add something like this to "/etc/radvd.conf". Though, Windows won't use that information at the moment (probably up to and including Windows 10 as of 2015-10-06), so you will have to configure that separately via DHCP.
RDNSS 2620:0:ccc::2
    AdvRDNSSLifetime 600;
  • Adapt startup options (see http://forum.ipfire.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=9063&start=15#p71294 and following)
sed -i 's:OPTIONS="-u radvd":OPTIONS="-u root":' /etc/sysconfig/radvd
  • Start the daemon
/etc/init.d/radvd start
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