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# Welcome to the IPFire wiki!
| [![](/icons/drive-optical.png)](./installation) | [Installation](./installation) \\ A guide to installing IPFire |
| [![](/icons/edit-find-replace.png)](./configuration) | [](./configuration) \\ Configuring IPFire using the Web Interface |
| [![](/icons/format-text-bold.png)](./addons) | [](./addons) \\ IPFire can be extended with a wide variety of add-ons |
| [![](/icons/computer.png)](./hardware) | [](./hardware) \\ Find information about hardware recommendations and components that are compatible with IPFire |
## How to install IPFire?
IPFire is quick and easy to install. Just follow the [](installation).
Before you start the installation process, find out which [](hardware) is right for IPFire.
## How to configure IPFire?
IPFire comes with a [simple yet powerful web user interface](configuration) on which everything can be configured.
Additional [](addons) can be installed to extend IPFire's functionality.
## Looking for more?
| **Topics:** [](./installation/red), [](./dns), [](/devel), [](./tools), [](./optimization), [](./virtualization), [](../events) ||
[](installation/red), [](dns), [](devel), [](tools), [](optimization), [](virtualization)
## About this Wiki
The IPFire wiki is a **community maintained** source of documentation. It's easy for anyone to contribute and make IPFire easier to understand for new users. Check out [how to get involved in to the project](projects).
If you would like to help us writing documentation, please see the [how to make changes](./edit) section.
Due to excessive spamming, creation of new accounts is temporarily suspended. Please send an email to [](wiki@ipfire.org) if you need access (#11668).