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Processor i586-compatible x86 CPU with 1 GHz or better or a supported ARM SBC
Memory 1GB or greater
Storage at least 4GB of harddisk storage
Network at least two Ethernet network adapters

Read more about System Requirements of IPFire.

Hardware Mythbusters

A collection of articles explains which hardware features are desirable for IPFire and which hardware should be avoided to not risk any hardware failures or bad performance.

Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCLs)


Basically any x86 based system (with AMD or Intel processor) works very well with IPFire. The ARM architecture however is not that compatible. Please check out which single board computers are supported and which not in the ARM hardware section.


System Examples

Obsolete examples

You cannot buy these systems any more.

  • Intel D945GCLF2 - A miniITX-Board with one Intel-Atom-Processor.
  • fit-PC2 - An embedded system with Intel-Atom-Z-Processor.
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