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IPFire's main settings.

Start Page The Start Page offers an overview of all network connections.
Dial Up It is only active if a dial up connection is used.
Wireless client It is only active if a wlan card is configured as red.
SSH Access The SSH Access section offers the option to activate a SSH server to configure the system via remote shell.
Backup The Backup section offers various options to save the configuration of your IPFire installation. There are options to back up the entire system to an IPFire settings file (*.ipf) or create an installable ISO. There are also options to backup the configuration of addons, such as Samba.
User Interface Inside the User Interface section you can change the look and feel of the web interface.
System information These sites provide information about the system, such as release and the installed hardware (fire info) to see.
Credits Finally, the Credits list the contributors to the IPFire project (Developers, Support and Testers).
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