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IPFire a security platform (with router and firewall) which can easily be extended and further hardened with Addons. You can start with an small and easy to install home server, then quickly add more features.

The tool that makes this possible is called Pakfire. The IPFire developers built Pakfire with the goal to simplify the installation of addons or updates (that are often required) - with a few mouse clicks.

Currently there are two different groups of addons:

  • STABLE: After an installation of IPFire, choose this to get tested and stable Addons with no significant errors.
  • TESTING: The testing part includes all addons available, sometimes not tested, nor stable. There could be many reasons for this status: For example, the developers might have no equipment available to test. To install one of these addons, some manual intervention may be required. Be a hero - test it and let us know.

You can find a list of selected addons below. Or take a look to the List of all Addons!

FIXME This page needs to be organised better. It is in no apparent order and major IPFire features are not highlighted.

File Server

Add file server features

  • The Samba addon offers a fast file server for Windows or heterogeneous networks.
  • The NFS server offers the possibility to share files over the network.
  • CUPS FIXME is a standard, open source, printing system over the network.

Mail Server


Voice over IP

  • Asterisk is an excellent Voice over IP (VoIP) exchange.
  • Teamspeak is a voice chat system, similar to a conference call, which is popular for online gaming. (Note: It is also possible to install a Teamspeak 3 Server with IPFire)


  • Guardian transforms the default Snort network intrusion detection system (IDS) to a network intrusion prevention system (IPS), by analysing snort and ssh Log files.
  • Tripwire is a host-based intrusion detection system which identifies if unauthorised changes have been made to your IPFire system.
  • Lynis is a Commandline Auditing Tool for a local scan of system and software.
  • Cryptsetup with Cryptsetup and the Kernel Module “dmcrypt”, is it possible to create encrypted devices.
  • PPTPFIXME (TESTING) VPN access through PPTP.
  • mdadm makes it possible to create software RAID devices.


  • RTorrent Bittorrent Client for ncurses written in C++ : it's small and fast.
  • Transmission A Bittorrent Client with webinterface.


  • Sane allows you to scan documents via the network with a webinterface.
  • Qemu virtualization for guest OSses in IPFire - 64bit hardware and Hyper-V is recommended.
  • Dirvish is a backup solution for IPFire (no regular IPFire addon!!!).
  • TinyWebGalerie is a free PHP based WebGallery for IPFire.
  • Apcupsd is a tool to monitor APC's Uninterupted Power Supplies (UPS).
  • NUT TESTING (Network UPS Tools) allows monitoring and control of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs).
  • miau a bouncer for the IRC network.
  • watchdog Watchdog daemon.
  • pound TESTING Reverse proxy and load balancer.
  • Tftpd IPFire as a Tftpd server.
  • SideMenu EX Extension of IPFire´s Side menus (not a regular IPFire Addon!!).
  • BackupPC Backup solution with webinterface (not a regular IPFire Addon!!!).
  • Cacti Tool for visualization of network data with RRDtool and SNMP.
  • Nagios powerful tool for the monitoring of complex IT infrastructures.
  • EGroupware FIXME EGroupware is a powerful communication solution for companies and groups (not a regular IPFire Addon!!!).
  • Xen FIXME Paravirtualization of guest operating system
  • mdns-repeater TESTING - mDNS repeater daemon
  • Check_mk General purpose Nagios/Icinga plugin for retrieving data
  • Sarg A graffical analysis tool for proxy reports, which can be used over the webinterface.
  • Squid-accounting A graphical webinterface for measuring traffic per host/user and the ability to generate bills.
  • swatch Simple Log Watcher - a tool to trigger email alerts from analyzing log files
  • ownCloud ownCloud provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices.

Networktools (command-line)

Tools to troubleshoot and optimize your network

  • bwm-ng is a bandwidth monitor
  • fping works like ping, but can be used eg. for scanning of complete networks
  • Iftop is a realtime bandwidth monitor
  • iperf test your network speed (LAN or WLAN).
  • iptraf-ng TESTING is a console based network statistic monitoring utility.
  • keepalived can be used for virtual services and 1st hop redundancy (VRRP)
  • mtr combines the functions of traceroute and ping in one tool
  • multicat FIXME collection of tools to work on and manipulate multicast streams
  • nmap is a versatile (and powerful) IP/port scanner
  • tcpdump is a tool to watch and control your network connections
  • tcpick is a libpcap based textmode sniffer for TCP streams
  • traceroute is a network tool used to follow your packets through the internet
  • Wireless access point for IPFire using hostap (a major IPFire feature)


In this category you will find some shell Addons:

  • centerIM is a lightweight IM client for Linux
  • htop is a process viewer, like top but cooler
  • mc the good old Midnight Commander; an easy to use file manager
  • nano is a text editor, much easier to use than VI
  • ncftp is an enhanced FTP client that can automate many of the login steps
  • Net-SNMP daemon is a snmp implementation amd more advanced than the basic snmpd
  • rsync is a file copying and backup utility
  • Very Secure FTP Server is a GPL licensed FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux
  • igmpproxy is a simple multicast routing daemon based on mrouted
  • LCD4Linux grabs information and displays it on an external liquid crystal display


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