ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus) is, like IPFire, under the the GNU “general public license” . It is a virus scanner and a phishing-filter.

Install “clamav” like all the other addons with PakFire or with the Console. Install the two packets “clamav” and “squidclamav” for your AntiVir solution.


After the installation clamav activates itself automatically, which can be verified under status -> Services.

ClamAV is now installed, so activate the “squidclamav” in the proxy settings. If “squidclamav” does not show up here, verifiy that you installed BOTH packages.


Important: ClamAV requires more filter processes (so change the processes to 20), which leads to a higher memory consumption. If your IPFire box has not that much memory (< 512MB), advise yourself.


Optimization and More

If you see problems with stream-providers like Youtube, find some help to optimize your ClamAV here.

Update your virus signatures with the following command over the Console:

/usr/bin/freshclam --quiet 

If you like to test the security of your ClamAV, try it without any danger here. These are only virus signatures - without any harmful content. (Please verify yourself)

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